Compass Group: 3M
Space Planning / Interior Design / Signage & Wayfinding

Inspiring Innovation at 3M Campus Retail

At Rayvn, we understand that modern campus stores need to be more than just transactional venues. They should be immersive environments that foster brand-building experiences, offering unique opportunities that cannot be replicated in digital channels.

When Compass Group, a new service partner for 3M, sought to reinvent their dated company store, they turned to us for our expertise. Our collaboration aimed to transform the space into a destination that seamlessly integrated 3M's world-renowned innovations into a shoppable lounge experience. The objective was to provide convenience, encourage DIY exploration, and offer moments of respite for employees.

Creating Moments to Connect

Recognizing that retail can often feel purely functional, our team focused on building the Maple Lounge within the larger retail space. This dedicated area allowed guests to indulge and escape without leaving the store, providing moments of relaxation and connection.

Open and Adaptive Design

Leveraging our architectural and interior design expertise, we developed a concept emphasizing an open floor plan, facilitating easy connectivity between employees, relevant innovations, and the store environment. The design promoted seamless interactions and a sense of community within the space.



Innovation Center Stage

We understood that 3M is more than an office supplies brand. Therefore, creating a space showcasing their latest tech innovations and collaborations with partners like Nike was crucial. At the front of the store, digital screens were strategically placed to deliver fresh and relevant brand content, providing an immersive experience for visitors.

By partnering with 3M and Compass Group, Team Rayvn successfully transformed the campus retail space into an inspiring environment. Our design solutions fostered Innovation, connectivity, and moments of relaxation, enhancing the overall employee experience. In addition, the revitalized retail space showcased 3M's cutting-edge products and created an inviting atmosphere that encouraged exploration and engagement.