Aramark: Chef Spotlight
Brand Identity / Marketing Toolkit / Operations Toolkit

Shining New Light on Diversity & Inclusivity

Our team collaborated with Aramark to reposition their powerful Chef Spotlight (CS) platform, dedicated to celebrating the stories of talented chefs within the company. Our goal was to enhance the communication strategy and design framework of the initiative, ensuring it resonated with a diverse audience.

Crafting the Chef Spotlight Narrative

Working closely with the Aramark team, we immersed ourselves in their core values and shaped a narrative that set the tone for the entire initiative.

“Food unites us all and we’re looking forward to celebrating these chefs and sharing their unique stories as part of our Chef Spotlight program.”

Ash Hanson, Aramark's Chief Diversity & Sustainability Officer.

Unifying the Living Logo Mark

To create a cohesive brand identity while allowing each moment of celebration to shine bright, we developed a living logo mark for Chef Spotlight. This mark served as a visual representation of unity, highlighting each chef's individuality and unique stories.



Storytelling Toolkit for Special Moments

To amplify the impact of Chef Spotlight during important occasions such as Pride Month, Veteran's Day, Black History Month, or Hispanic Heritage Month, we developed comprehensive toolkits deployed to Aramark locations across the country. These kits were filled with incredible stories, inspiration, and signature recipes, enabling guests to share the gesture of love with their friends and family.

We successfully repositioned the Chef Spotlight platform through our collaboration with Aramark, amplifying diversity and inclusivity within the culinary world. Our revamped communication strategy, design framework, and storytelling toolkits empowered their locations nationwide to celebrate and share the remarkable stories of their talented chefs. As a minority-owned agency, we were proud to demonstrate our dedication to providing meaningful solutions that bring diverse audiences together and inspire them.