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Elevating Brooklyn Nets Retail: A New Generation Shopping

We were approached by JLL, with the exciting challenge of pitching a new concept for the Brooklyn Nets Fan shop. Our mission was clear: create a space that would resonate with the new generation of Brooklyn Nets fans. Guided by our expertise, we developed an innovative concept built on simplicity and integrated automated touchpoints to enhance the customer journey.

Embracing a Boutique Mindset

To engage younger consumers and drive commerce effectively, we drew inspiration from sought-after brand boutiques like Kith and Supreme. Aligning the core retail experience with these influences, we designed a space that showcased fan gear as exclusive and limited, fostering excitement and generating demand.

Where Aspiration Meets Action

Understanding that fans draw daily inspiration from the players, we prioritized innovative aesthetics and a focus on sports performance. The space incorporated meaningful light fixtures and industrial materials inspired by the game. The open floor plan facilitated easy navigation, creating a sense of excitement and fostering a feeling of team and community connection through inspirational language.



BK All Day

The space was strategically designed to cater to hungry fans, providing the freshest gear alongside snacks, beverages, sneakers, and swag. We seamlessly integrated translucent materials and digital signage for clear wayfinding, while automated kiosks at the checkout ensured a smooth and efficient experience.

Through our collaboration with the Brooklyn Nets, we successfully transformed their fan shop into a modern shopping experience that speaks to the new generation of fans. Our innovative design, emphasis on exclusivity, and technology integration have elevated the retail space and created a destination that keeps fans fueled with the freshest gear.