CiCis Pizza
Brand Identity / Retail Toolkit / Packaging

Serving Up a New Look for CiCi’s Customers

Team Rayvn was tasked to refresh CiCis brand buffet experience to amplify their core mission of bringing an endless variety of fun and flavor to their guests. The toolkit left no pie unturned - from a new take on photography, visual language, and engagement covering every touch point.

Bringing it Full Circle

The complete customer experience was built upon CiCis limitless offerings and freedom of expression. Whether introducing their new carry-out platform or mixing it up with a create your own pizza program, Team Rayvn had their field teams covered. The final toolkit was intended to make every visit to CiCis a chance to spark some fun across digital touch points to their extensive franchise of brick-and-mortar buffets.



“Our goal is to empower individuals to find their own favorite flavors and to never have to compromise. This freedom of choice has long characterized the Cicis experience, but the uniqueness of our brand was not expressed in the restaurant design until now.”