Compass Group : Market Convenience
Branding / Signage & Wayfinding / Space Planning / Interior Design

Driving Simple, Adaptable Convenience

Team Rayvn had the privilege of collaborating with Compass Group to reimagine and enhance their highly successful proprietary convenience brand, The Market. This go-to solution has gained global recognition across various business lines over the past 5-7 years, offering a perfect blend of traditional cafes, fresh food options, and frictionless convenience. Our mission was to address the following key areas:

Shaping Brand Personality & Experience

As we delved into the project, Team Rayvn crafted two fundamental tenets that guided our approach to wayfinding and environmental language: Leading with Function and Infusing the Fun. In addition, we worked diligently to establish a brand personality that resonated with the target demographic and ensured an enjoyable and convenient experience for customers.

Flexibility in Fabrication

To streamline the brand's graphic and signage components, our brand team simplified the elements, allowing for greater efficiencies and adaptability across multiple expressions, materials, and customer locations. Moreover, we developed a comprehensive brand toolkit from an operational standpoint, serving as a daily playbook for the field team to maintain consistency and ensure quality control.



Maximizing ROI through Design

Keeping fiscal responsibility in mind, our team at Rayvn took a pragmatic approach to maximize return on investment. From graphic systems to interior design finishes, we set high standards for the brand while adhering to the principle of "form follows function." This enabled us to empathize with Compass Group, considering factors such as sourcing, cost per linear foot, store setup, merchandising, and field operations.

Through our collaboration with Compass Group, we successfully elevated The Market's brand experience, ensuring it reflects the needs and preferences of our target demographic. By combining strategic brand development, simplified fabrication, and cost-conscious design choices, we maximized the brand's impact and delivered a convenient and enjoyable experience to customers across Compass Group's locations.