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Reinventing Hormel's Workplace Dining

In the newly redesigned market, convenience is king, and design reigns supreme. We crafted a space that's as efficient as it is elegant, inviting employees to a curated selection of ready-to-go options. The market’s streamlined design, with its contemporary finishes and thoughtful layout, creates an inviting atmosphere that complements the fast pace of daily work life. This is where style meets speed, providing a hassle-free shopping experience that’s both time-saving and pleasing to the eye.

An Electric Culinary Experience

The central feature of our redesign is the fully electric, innovative kitchen. It's a culinary theater that showcases our commitment to sustainability without sacrificing the richness of a diverse menu. Here, employees can savor a world of flavors—each dish is a nod to the varied backgrounds that make up the global workforce. The kitchen's electric design is matched by an interior that speaks of warmth and welcome, with a fresh salad bar and communal spaces that invite connection over great food.



It's here that the culinary craft meets interior elegance, creating a place that not only serves the global palate but also nourishes the soul of the workforce.