Insomnia Cookies
Retail Experience / Architecture / Interior Design

Reimagining The Insomnia Cookies Retail Experience

Our store design journey with Insomnia Cookies began with a bold vision: to transform their retail environment into an immersive experience that transitions from day to night, echoing the brand's mantra, "We own the night." Inspired by their unique speakeasy cookie lab and our previous Night Mode promotions, we developed a concept that seamlessly blends the energy of campus life with the allure of the night. This collaboration was built through our seamless partnership with Inosmnia’s internal creative team, leading to a design that not only captivated our audience, but set a new standard for future store openings world wide.

All in the Details

Every aspect of the store, from Instagrammable walls and intricate LED ceiling lights, to the dynamic kitchen atmosphere and brand-themed restrooms, was meticulously designed to create a holistic experience for both customers and staff. By integrating redesigned menus, bold brand colors, and thoughtful furniture choices, we brought to life an environment where every detail is its own vibe. This project truly demonstrates how a shared vision can redefine the essence of a brand's customer experience.



Team Rayvn and Insomnia Cookies embarked on a groundbreaking journey to redefine the retail experience, creating a space where day transforms to night, and every detail sings in harmony with the brand's challenger spirit.