Life is Good
Brand Identity / Packaging / e-Commerce / Retail Promotion

Life is Good Gets a New Look

From their humble start in 1994 and with $78 to their names, brothers Bert and John Jacobs designed their first Life is Good T-Shirt and showed people how three simple words could literally change the world. 25 years later, Team Rayvn had the honor of collaborating with the Good Vibe crew to establish a seasoned and connected experience without disrupting the playful optimist ethos. Rayvn’s creative team rebranded every piece of the customer journey, including e-commerce (UX), brand identity, packaging, and promotions.

Leveling up Engagement through UX

Team Rayvn worked closely with the LIG marketing and Technology teams to upgrade the UX and migrate the site to a new e-commerce platform without disrupting shoppers.

Additionally, Team Rayvn worked directly with the Life is Good Playmakers to design and develop their website. It was to redefine the Playmaker program from being viewed as a charity to a mission-driven foundation. The LIG playmakers provide transformative training and ongoing coaching for various child care professionals.



In March of 2019, Team Rayvn helped in the creation of the #SomethingGood campaign that helped raise $1M towards the Life is Good Kids Foundation.