Wolfgang Puck + Museum of Pop Art
Creative Strategy / Interior Design / 3D

Crafting an Immersive Food Hall: Wolfgang Puck X MoPOP

As a creative agency, we were honored to collaborate with Wolfgang Puck Catering on a groundbreaking project at MoPOP. MoPOP has long been an essential staple, celebrating pop art through various mediums, and we saw an opportunity to create an immersive food hall experience that would evoke creativity and innovation.

Located within the iconic Frank Gehry-designed structure, which embodies the energy and fluidity of music, the food hall held immense significance. Our task was to ensure that the space commanded the same level of respect and influence as the exhibits, even within the realm of food and hospitality.

A Curated Experience for the Community 

By reimagining the lobby area and expanding across the ground floor, we transformed the space into a vibrant food hall accessible directly from the street. Our design included a pizza oven inspired by the exterior architecture, flexible spaces to feature local vendors, a craft cocktail bar, an open kitchen, and a coffee destination celebrating Seattle's renowned coffee culture. As a result, the dining reception became a truly sensory experience, engaging guests from the moment they entered.

Embracing Culture and Culinary Craft

Our vision was rooted in the values of Community, culture, and culinary craftsmanship. We believed in creating an immersive dining experience that satisfied guests' appetites and stimulated their imaginations. The collaboration with Wolfgang Puck Catering allowed us to infuse their culinary expertise with our creative approach, resulting in a space that welcomed expression, collaboration, and innovation.



Heightening the Senses

The key strategy behind the interior design was to ensure the space could continually transform and adapt to each new installation at MoPOP. We created beautiful canvases that enhanced every inch of the food hall through the strategic use of lighting, digital touchpoints, projections, and expansive canopies. This approach ensured that every visit, regardless of how often guests had been before, felt like an entirely new and captivating experience.

Through our partnership with Wolfgang Puck Catering, we successfully brought together culture, culinary craft, and creativity to create a multi-sensory dining experience within the vibrant MoPOP environment. As a result, the immersive food hall not only satisfied appetites but also stimulated imaginations, leaving a lasting impression on guests and reinforcing MoPOP's position as a cultural icon in Seattle.