Colorado Product Services
Brand Identity / Packaging

Giving new meaning to ‘Lifted’ with Mountain High

Team Rayvn drew inspiration from the Colorado wilderness to develop an expression that clearly conveys the artisanal craft. So, whether customers explore the brighter side of Sativa or indulge in the decadence of Indica bites, they are promised Mountain High's stand ard of quality and environmentally connected cannabis products.

Every Pack Helps Lift

Unlike major CPG brands that can lead with enticing shots of their food, due to legal restrictions, Team Rayvn had to find a different approach to garnering appeal on the packaging. The creative direction was to draw consumers in through iconic and scenic compositions inspired by the Colorado backcountry and evoke excitement through escapism. Each expression was also carefully designed to represent the function of each strain, from cool Indica to energetic Sativa strains.



Team Rayvn built 50 SKUs of unique packaging designed to build brand efficacy in a crowded marketplace while effectively driving consumer education.