Tara Wilson Agency
Retail Activation / Space Design / Environmental Expression

Super Bowl Weekend : A Trio of Retail Activations with TWA

In a dynamic partnership with the Tara Wilson Agency (TWA), Team Rayvn set the stage for a series of standout retail activations at Hibbett Sports for Nike, during Super Bowl LVIII weekend.

Given Nike's significant presence in Hibbett's retail assortment, our mission was to boost customer engagement and encourage loyalty program registrations through three tailored events. Tasked with rolling out exclusive experiences for Nike enthusiasts across three Hibbett locations, we faced a complex challenge: to seamlessly integrate TWA's innovative concepts without interrupting the stores' day-to-day operations, all while upholding Nike's exacting standards of excellence. With a tight three-week timeline, we were ready to take on the challenge.

Three Events. One Connected Social Engagement

“End Zone” Kids Event: We envisioned "The End Zone” a vibrant playground where kids could feel like pros for the day. We brought this vision to life by designing an environment filled with NFL Pro-Bowl-inspired activities. From football toss challenges and agility ladder drills to dance lessons mimicking end zone celebrations, every aspect was crafted to excite and engage. To top off the experience, we integrated TWA's imaginative idea of a sports journalism workshop, which presented a series of enjoyable activities aimed at teaching kids the engaging art of conducting interviews.

“Nail the Game” Women’s Event: Nail the Game Women’s Event: At "Nail the Game," we curated a salon-inspired atmosphere that nurtured powerful conversations with notable figures from sports and entertainment. As attendees received custom manicures, they engaged with an intimate setting reminiscent of a communal salon. This environment was perfectly tailored to foster shared stories and insights, allowing guests to elevate their nail game while being inspired by the speakers' impactful narratives.

Test Your Game Men’s Event: This event transformed a traditional trivia night into a celebration of sports knowledge, creating a socially engaging and shareable spectacle. Tasked with designing a space that fostered camaraderie and competitive spirit, our goal was to elevate trivia into a dynamic, spectator-friendly event. With a significant turnout anticipated, it was crucial to cultivate a team atmosphere that spotlighted moments of victory and showcased surprise guest speakers, including NFL players, on a dedicated stage. This setup ensured the energy remained high, celebrating winners and keeping attendees hyped throughout the evening.

Flash and Fame: A Shared Social Moment

Given the challenge by Nike and TWA to create a memorable, shareable feature for each event, we aimed to offer attendees their moment in the spotlight. Our approach was to design immersive 3D photobooths, each with inspirational messaging that echoed the unique vibe of the specific events.



Our partnership with TWA transformed ideas into tangible experiences, merging detailed planning with Nike's iconic aesthetic. Together, we delivered impactful activations that resonated across diverse audiences, showcasing the power of cohesive design and teamwork.