SpaceCat Brewing Co.
Creative Direction / Photography / Retail Toolkit / Packaging Design

Redefining the Craft Beer Universe

SpaceCat Brewing Co. tapped Team Rayvn to amplify their freshly launched craft beer brand across both on and off-premise locations. With a solid lineup of brews and a welcoming new venue in South Norwalk, CT (SoNo), the stage was set to expand. Our partnership focused on advancing SpaceCat's visibility through targeted retail sales tools, compelling on-premise promotional materials, and reinventing can labels for increased consumer appeal and conversion rates.

A Stellar Launch into Retail Space

SpaceCat successfully introduced their first end cap in a strategic retail venture, thanks to the dedicated efforts of their sales team. Team Rayvn was tasked with developing an effective communication strategy and brand positioning for this significant launch. By conducting a photoshoot, we underscored SpaceCat's unique market positioning, showcasing its distinct aesthetic and appetite appeal, distinguishing it from competitors. This launch received outstanding feedback from the retailer, elevating SpaceCat's standing and fortifying its relationship with one of the largest retailers in the Northeast.



This partnership champions the spirit of small breweries, setting new industry standards with a heart firmly rooted in community and craftsmanship.