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Compelling UX for Tracy Locke

Tracy-Locke is a legacy marketing company with an innovative spirit that has stood the test of time and continued to grow exponentially over its 100+ years within shopper marketing and retail.

Their senior leaders partnered with team Rayvn to redesign their company site to be more reflective of their current company values to continue generating strong client leads and building upon their current employee culture.

Compelling Commerce

Through its expansive network of strategic tools and global network of retail specialists, this new site had to showcase the power of the programs they've developed for its high-profile list of clientele. The key to success was creating a space that drove their idea of compelling commerce without explaining it in lengthy paragraphs bombarded with data and endless scrolls.

Stories in the Spotlight

Leading with the most compelling case studies in a social and approachable format helped set the tone and validated TL's edge in its competitive landscape. While others use buzzwords and awards, Tracy-Locke was set on breaking the mold to set itself apart from the rest.



One Harmonious Experience

The fundamental strategy for the UX centered around compelling interactions that dove deep into work with deeper click-throughs that empowered the employees that made it all happen every day. Throughout the journey, there were moments to allow future clients and potential new employees to connect directly with TL's leadership and HR teams. See the full site here.