Brand Direction / Package Design / Animation
Insomnia Cookies

Warm Cookies for Hot Late Night Dates

In a fun collab with Insomnia Cookies, Team Rayvn took a nostalgic leap into the past, marrying the brand's 'hot date' theme with the vibrant energy of retro hotline ads from the 80s and 90s. Centering our campaign around the seductive Red Velvet collection, we produced a series of pre-roll ads for YouTube and social media. Each ad was a throwback piece, designed to capture hearts and cravings with a modern twist on classic hotline aesthetics, making Insomnia's limited-time offerings the stars of the show.

Sugar, Spice and Everything All Night

Our retro-inspired journey continued with gifting innovations that sparked social engagement and sweetened the in-store experience. We reinvented the packaging with unique box sleeves, celebrating every shade of Valentine’s affection, from Valentine cheers to self-love treats. Every package featured cut-away love cards for a touch of personalization, but the crowning feature was our hotline-themed box sleeve. This clever nod to the past invited consumers to dial-in for secret promo codes, turning every call into an opportunity for surprise and delight.

Our collab was a testament to the timeless appeal of sweet gestures and the enduring power of connecting over warm cookies, wrapped in the unforgettable flair of the 80s and 90s.