Wise Acre Farms
Brand Identity / Packaging

Bridging Cultures through Compelling Creative

At the core of Wise Acre is a cannabis brand that stands as a testament to rich global cannabis traditions, brought to life by a unique visionary: an agricultural innovator and Harvard-educated architect passionate about sustainability and creating deep connections with the earth and its communities. Team Rayvn set out to craft a brand identity that transcends traditional retail appeal, weaving a story of cultural connection and mythical lore. Our mission was to capture the essence of the cannabis goddess, a symbol revered in diverse cultures around the world, into a compact, 5-inch canvas. 

Design that Speaks to the Soul

Inspired by Jon Piasecki's fascination with ancient building techniques and his commitment to unity, Team Rayvn imbued the brand's design with meaningful symbols that resonate deeply with cannabis enthusiasts. Each reusable package features a distinctive cyclopean eye motif at its crown, not only serving as a unique brand hallmark but also facilitating connection, as packs join to form a unified visual statement. This design element reflects unity and shared vision, echoing Jon’s passion for bringing individuals together through innovative design and shared values.



Wise Acre and Team Rayvn’s partnership is grounded in our shared pursuit of excellence and a deep-seated belief in the power of connection.