Igniting New Vibes with Influencer Agency August United

Written by
Chris Nazzaro
Partner, Creative

Team Rayvn worked closely with the August United team to redesign their site

At Team Rayvn, we understand the power of influencers and the importance of captivating content. But what about the creators behind the influencers? That's where our collaboration with August United (AU), an influencer agency, came into play.

Our biggest challenge was striking the right balance between professionalism and attitude. We knew that to effectively engage AU's audience, we needed to simplify the user experience (UX) while staying true to their core values and services. This demographic consisted of clients, content creators, and future employees.

Define. Align. Unite.

Unlike other agencies that rely on over-communication or industry jargon to impress prospects, we took a different approach with August United. We focused on a statement that defined their services with an integrated unique selling proposition (USP): "We Create Positive Influence." This powerful statement became the foundation of the revamped platform. From there, we aimed to create a singular, seamless UX experience. The development process was guided by three key pillars:

Define - We centered the UX around the core mission of August United. No need for unnecessary complexity or excessive explanations. We let the elevator pitch speak for itself, complemented by a compelling reel or ambient video that truly showcased the impact of their work. In this case, seeing was believing.

Align - The next stage of the UX journey focused on refining and highlighting AU's core services. We supported these services with robust statistics and a validated client roster. This allowed prospects to easily grasp the caliber of clients served by AU and the consumer categories they dominated.

Unite - Streamlining the connection process was crucial to respect our audience's time and effort. We went beyond the expected 'general' contact form model. Instead, we carefully mapped out specific avenues for contact based on each audience segment. Each contact form was meticulously crafted and integrated into AU's CRM platform, ensuring a seamless experience that added momentum to their growing business.

Through our collaboration with August United, we successfully redesigned their site, striking a balance between professionalism and attitude. The simplified UX, combined with the powerful messaging, allowed AU to effectively reach their target audience, foster connections, and continue to create positive influence in the influencer industry.

The new site can be viewed here for those that are curious to see how AU unites to ignite.