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Murali Krishnan

Partner / Brand & Retail Program Development

Murali has spent almost 2 decades launching brands within the retail and hospitality space with global leaders Aramark, Compass Group and Lowes.

He lives in Boston, and in his spare time, you might find him with his Frenchie (Diego), riding his bike, baking or hiking.

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Mary Paul

Partner / Workplace Architecture & Retail Design

Mary has turned her passion for design into her enterprise. With 18+ years of experience in architecture and Interior design, working with global giants like Google, HSBC, Regus, Aramark & Compass, she enjoys creating rich consumer experiences and providing creative solutions driven by purpose.

Outside work, she enjoys art, sketching & nature walks with her babies.

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Chris Nazzaro

Partner / Retail Experience & Consumer Promotion

Chris has enjoyed an extensive career as a Creative Director connecting global CPG brands within the retail space for brands like PepsiCo, Diageo, Reebok, and HP.

He has a passion for snowboarding, golf and everything design.

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How We Fly

A Collaboration Model Optimized for Speed, Efficiency and Flexibility.

Powered by Diversity

Each of our members has spent over a decade in their respective career lanes, which allows us to tackle every challenge with diverse POVs. As a result, we can easily tailor solutions that align with your brand’s unique objectives.

Designed to Adapt

Our consultancy is built around collaboration. We can flex as an extension of your internal team or assume the total weight of a project if needed. We stay nimble to ensure efficient outcomes that grow business without breaking budgets.

Connection is Currency

We believe the formula for impactful work consists of like-minded partners, focused goals, and clear communication. We value our relationships over any accolades - No smoke and mirrors, just real talk and real action.